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Video Strategies for Today's Marketing Needs

As a video strategist, I provide professional, creative and results-driven video content to help your business navigate today’s increasingly digitalised world!

Services: Video

See the full range of packages that I offer below and please make sure to check out my ‘How Integrating Video Strategies Work’ video found on my homepage, if you haven't already to find out more about how integrating a video strategy into your business can directly boost your sales and grow your businesses digital fortunes.

  • Please note that packages listed below start with the following procedure:

1st Meeting

(A FREE 30 minute discovery meeting designed to be a get to know 1-1 session held over Zoom.)

2nd Meeting

( A 1-2 hour health check and evaluation of your business. This meeting, split up into four specific parts will see us: address your pain points, analyse your current channels of communication and your overall marketing strategy, consider how video could positively impact your business moving forward and set yourself a clearer and more achievable set of digital marketing goals for the next 30 days and beyond!)

[Included Free as part of the STANDARD and PREMIUM packages]

[Click the‘ Book Your FREE Discovery Meeting Now’ tab to find out more]


A Digital Marketing Reframing

2nd meeting consultancy fee. Can be used on a pay as you go model.

£150 Consultancy Fee Per Meeting

Head to the ‘Book Your Free Discovery Meeting Now’ page to get your journey with Luke Thornalley Productions started today!



A Call to Action

Do you want to make a change, but don’t know how to pave the path towards the results that you want your business to start achieving?

Take advantage of a personalised video strategy to help your business reach new heights. With extensive technical expertise and a knack for clear and creative ideas, I start to turn your goals into measurable results by creating you a tailor made video campaign designed to invent, revitalise or reimagine your brand online.

Included within the STANDARD package:

  • A full examination of your businesses current digital marketing strategy, including analysing your current statistics and campaign results. (Part of 2nd Meeting Structure)

  • A comprehensive pre and post production stage meeting, designed to set your goals, plan your overall campaign and once completed, analyse your initial campaign results.

  • 2x 3-5 minute videos designed for your website. Some ideas for videos of this nature could include but not limited too: a promotional brand film, a product/service showcase or review, a company culture video, a how to or a customer feedback or testimonial video.

  • A couple of pieces of video content for your social media platform/platforms of choice.


  • The creation of a new tailor made video strategy and digital marketing plan for the next 6-12 months after the completion of your initial video campaign.

Prices start from £2000

(£2000 is equivalent to an initial project talking around 4 weeks of full time work)

Head to the ‘Book Your Free Discovery Meeting Now’ page to get your journey with Luke Thornalley Productions started today!



A Year Round Video Subscription Service

Tailor your businesses video needs around the day to day running of your business with my premium and tailor made package, giving you access to my 1-1 video support for the whole 12 months of the year.

By choosing one of these packages, you will be able to best capitalise on the power of video strategy and find your business entitled to:

  • 1x up to 5 minute video every quarter (Total of 4 videos a year.)

  • 1x 60-90 seconds social media video or clip a month (option to have one video a week, if choosing a tailor made plan.)

  • A monthly half an hour catch up call and a full 1-1 consultancy meeting every quarter.

  • The option for me to manage and maintain your social media platforms on your behalf. (Optional extra starting at £100 a month on top of base price.)

Prices start from £250 a month

  • Minimum contract term 12 months and it is recommended that this service be best utilised once having completed a standard package first.

Head to the ‘Book Your Free Discovery Meeting Now’ page to get your journey with Luke Thornalley Productions started today!

Services: Services
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